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Located near Capacity Shopping Mall and Atakoy Marina

Located in the center of life of Bakirkoy with magnificent views the city and the sea of Marmara, on Atakoy coast road to the port, offers rich opportunity to make shopping from great shopping malls.

Parking arrangements

Ramada Hotel & Suites Atakoy Istanbul Guests:

Valet parking is available and complimentary for our staying guests. Valet parking services are provided from the hotel's front entrance and our doorman will be more than happy to arrange parking for you upon arrival. This does not require pre-booking.

In addition to limited parking area (restrictions apply), there are a number of private car parks in close proximity to the hotel, with the closest located in the Capacity Shopping Mall. Rates vary, and owner onus applies.


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Lobby at Hotel Ramada, Istanbul, Atakoy

Ramada Hotel & Suites Istanbul Atakoy

Atakoy 1.Kisim Mahallesi, Fisekhane Caddesi Hotel Ramada 9/1/ Bakırkoy - Istanbul

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Ramada Hotel& Suites İstanbul Atakoy 

Zübeyde hanım cad. No 10

Ataköy, Istanbul


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